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Small business phone systems — we can help.

There are hundreds of quality solutions available for small business phone systems. We have tailored small business phone system solutions available to suit businesses with less than 8 employees. We work with Australia’s most popular phone system brands such as NEC and LG Aria to make sure we can provide you with a business phone system which is suitable for your requirements.

In our experience, each business needs a different set up so all of our solutions are customised in line with your budget and requests. If you are wanting to be completely up to date with the latest technology and phone system features we have a wide range of brand new business phone systems available.

Does my phone system need any special cabling?

If your office already has an existing phone system, you may already have the cabling you need. Each desk with a handset will also require a cable to connect it to the phone system and provide power. If you don't have a phone system, or just have a single phone, you may require extra cabling. If you do require any cabling or installation assistance, we can organise a technician to help you with your phone system set up.

I don't know what my business needs. Can you help?

Our staff and network of businesses are always available to help you create a phone system solution, tailored specifically to your needs. A great starting point for narrowing down phone systems is looking at what features you want. Some of the most commonly requested features are voicemail, call hold, headset compatibility and music on hold. If you are considering a VoIP system, it is a good idea to ask the provider if they can review your recent phone bills to assess if you can make adequate savings.

Will I miss out on features because I'm getting a small business phone system?

Absolutely not! Most modern systems scale from just a few users to hundreds, so you don't miss out on any features including music on hold and after hours attendant. The difference between phone systems nowadays is how they are used, larger phone systems have the capability to handle a high volume of calls and have more expansion capabilities which is usually unnecessary for small business.

Can phone systems grow with my business?

They certainly can! Your business phone system will be able to expand with your business. It may just be a case of purchasing additional handsets and an expansion card in the future.